Many people choose private healthcare because they like the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that if you’re ill or feel something may be wrong, you have access to quick, efficient consultations and treatment may be enough for you to have already taken out cover. Others have cited the fact they can recover in a private room or have access to specialist drugs and treatment as factors in taking out private cover. However, even for those who already have something in place, do you know the extras that come with it?

Private medical providers are constantly adding an increasing number of additional features to their healthcare packages. Some may include discounts on gym memberships, cinema tickets or for cycle shops. Others might offer fit bits or annual health checks. At the moment, one is even offering a free Amazon Echo Dot with a healthy recipe and workout add on for all new memberships. After all, if they can provide attractive ways to keep you healthy then you’re less likely to make a claim!

Whilst useful, some of these added benefits can be seen as gimmicks to entice you to buy cover. However, many packages come with extremely useful additions, albeit they might not be so flashy.

Many private healthcare plans provide members with a remote GP service where, without having to wait for an appointment, you can chat about any concerns. This can be done via an app on your Smartphone or via your desktop. Similarly, urgent private GP appointments can be made with some providers, often for the same day. Similarly, there are plans to cover those living abroad and people who would like a second opinion.

Other services, such as physiotherapy, are usually offered readily to support recovery and get you back on track and in shape quickly. Packages may include complimentary therapy cover or specialist care and clinics for particular conditions such as knee injuries. Dental cover is usually an optional add on.

To find out more about costs and details of packages, we are here to help you get the advice you need and will be able to discuss your circumstances to find the appropriate cover.