What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness cover is a type of life insurance policy that offers protection in the event of a being diagnosed with a serious illness or suffering an injury. If you unfortunately suffer from a specific illness or injury, a pay-out is made by the insurer as a lump-sum, which can be tax-free.

A critical illness can include heart attacks, strokes and non-terminal cancer. Critical illness insurance can also cover you if you’ve suffered a physical disability following an injury, such as after an accident at work.

Critical Illness plans are often combined with a Life Insurance plan, click below to find out more…

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Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

Box Icon Provides protection for you and your dependents

Provides protection for you and your dependents

Choose how you use the pay-out – it can support you and your family with daily living costs, if you are unable to work.

Box Icon Replace an income if you’re too unwell to work

Replace an income if you’re too unwell to work

It can help you cope with the financial commitments, such as the mortgage and day-to-day bills, if you’re too unwell to work.

Box Icon Pays out on diagnosis – tax-free

Pays out on diagnosis – tax-free

You will receive a tax-free, cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a condition covered by your policy, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and many more.

Box Icon Combine policy with a life insurance plan*

Combine policy with a life insurance plan*

Combine with a life insurance plan and pay just one monthly premium, that is generally much cheaper than a standalone policy.

* This combined plan will only pay out on the first event (a critical illness diagnosis or you pass away).

Box Icon Cover for children

Cover for children

Add cover for children to help you cope and concentrate on the most important thing – being there for your little one?

Box Icon Fixed or reviewable premiums

Fixed or reviewable premiums

Choose a guaranteed premium for the life of the policy or choose a reviewable premium, which may often be cheaper at the start of the plan (but rises over the course of the term).

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Do I need critical illness cover?

If you don’t have savings, critical illness cover can provide valuable financial support in the event that you become seriously ill.

Don’t assume that if you don’t have dependants you don’t need cover. If you live on your own, for example, you will need to ensure any rent or mortgage commitments are paid each month. You don’t want to have to worry about keeping up with your financial commitments when you are unwell, recovering from injury or adapting to incapacity.

Your lump sum pay-out could be used to cover some of the following costs:

Box Icon Mortgage


Pay off all or part of your mortgage so you don’t have to worry about the roof over your head.

Box Icon Earnings


If you are unable to work you may need to replace your income for regular or one-off payments

Box Icon Outgoings


For peace of mind, you may want to use part of the pay-out for household bills or other outgoings

Box Icon Treatment


Your pay-out could pay for private medical treatment or specialist treatments

How would you cope?

No one knows what’s going to happen in the future. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re covered either way?

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Steve P – Operations Director

Steve is a busy Operations Director and was fit and well with no health concerns. We set up a joint critical illness plan for himself and his wife as they wanted a lump sum to be paid should one of them be diagnosed with a serious illness.  Shortly after the plan was up and running, Steve suffered a seizure at work and was later diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This had a devastating effect on his physical and mental health, which in turn affected his work. Steve’s Critical Illness plan paid out a lump sum which he decided to put towards paying off a sizeable amount from his mortgage.

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Evelyn H – Care Assistant

Evelyn has three young children and she was very concerned that because she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer 4 years earlier, that she wouldn’t be able to get the financial protection she needed in place. We took the time to fully understand her circumstances and medical history and researched what impact her previous cancer diagnosis would have on a new application. After confirming a few details with Evelyn, the insurer was able to offer life with critical illness cover with no increase in premium or exclusions – a fantastic result

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Melissa O – Goods Buyer

Melissa is a single mum who contacted us for advice on what cover she needed to make sure her children would be financially secure if anything was to happen to her. Melissa was in good health and we were quickly able to offer her a life insurance plan to cover her outstanding mortgage balance and also add critical illness protection. Melissa was delighted, as we upgraded the plan to include her children, so that they would also be covered should they be diagnosed with a serious illness.

What does critical illness cover?

All critical illness policies cover cancer, heart attack and stroke, providing they are of a certain severity.

The number of conditions covered by Critical Illness plans ranges from around 40 conditions on many policies all the way up to over 120 conditions depending on the insurance provider. Our advisers are on hand to discuss your options to ensure you find a policy that will exactly suit your needs.

What are the most common critical illness conditions?

(Source: Cover Magazine 11 May 2018)

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